Off the ground running
   That was after falling from the sky, bouncing off of the ground, only to go right back up again.
   No one saw my vision. Only close ones it seemed. That gave me more motivation to make this project Take Phlyt.
Inspiration 95% of the time came from papers and trees to turn on the think box. 
 I have been asked at times, what have you been doing all of your life. I say! ‘You vision a money making plan, do your leg work to make it take off. 
Then it Take’s Phlyt.                                              
So what have I been doing you ask?                               
Planning my early retirement.
My journey has been a long and tiring, but motivational and fun ride. So now what I’m doing is giving things to relate to, along with opportunity while we spread this logo around in many forms and fashions.
 Always remember! Whatever it is you do to get beamed up, rather it be for a rush or enjoyment. 
Take Phlyt and know that I'm always up there with you
$igning Off,